Not only today, in the past also mobile phones came with the best innovation, have you used them too?


New Delhi. In this day and age, one or the other smartphone is brought in the market every day. Sometimes companies launch new smartphones after a few changes. Some smartphones launch with software improvements, while others use newer hardware, but the design remains largely the same. In today’s world, all budget smartphones look alike with a few minor differences. Very few smartphones make a big difference in terms of design.

If we talk about the 2000s, that was not the case at that time, because at that time the latest phones came in terms of both function and software. If you are a Nokia user or a Motorola user, then all the phones look very different from each other. Even then, the competition was fierce and companies were innovating in design. Hardware has changed little today, but not in the early 2000’s. At that time the phone was available to all types of users. Although there are many phones in this category, we are only giving you information about some of the top phones in this list.

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Nokia 3310: You may have heard of the Nokia 3310 before and you may have heard many stories about the power of this phone. By the way, this phone seemed very basic, but that’s why it was so strong. That’s why this phone was bought so much. This phone was available in the form of a game with Snack. When this phone came in the market, it spread panic in this phone. This phone became popular due to its form factor and above average age. The text limit in the phone was also increased to 459 characters, which is 3 times more than the current phone at that time. Let me tell you that at that time more than 125 million units of this phone were sold.

Motorola Razr: Let us tell you that Motorola Razr was one of the most stylish phones of that time. It was the best looking phone that could be bought. The phone has been featured in movies, music videos and even cartoons. It was the most sophisticated design in the flip phone category. It was sleek, it had a colorful screen, and the reverberating sound made the experience perfect for listening. The ringtone selection limit has also been exceeded in the phone. The phone was given a camera that was not available in the market. The phone was launched in 2004. The company tried to give Motorola Razr a modern twist with a foldable screen, but to no avail.

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Nokia N-Gage QD:The Nokia N-Gage QD was one of the best gaming phones of its time. The phone was launched by Nokia to attract Nintendo Game Boy Advance users. The Nokia N-Gage QD was very different from its old design. This phone was not as successful as it should have been. This shows that Nokia was not afraid to experiment with the design of the phone. This phone has very strong games. Some even say that the Nokia N-Gage QD is nothing short of an inspiration for many gaming smartphones. But no one can compete with Nokia’s design.

Sony Ericsson P900: At the time, the Sony Ericsson P900 was the first smartphone on the market to support third-party Java applications. This phone has a touch screen and flip design. The keypad can be flipped open to access the full display, which can be used with stylus. For easy navigation, a wake wheel was provided in the top right corner of the phone.

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Nokia Communicator: Nokia Communicator was the first phone to incorporate laptop design. This phone is still very popular. Nokia Communicator is the godfather of today’s high-tech smartphones. At the time, the phone introduced features that could be used in today’s smartphones. The phone looked normal from the outside, but with the claim shell front open, the phone was given a full QWERTY keyboard. It was accompanied by a large LCD display.

Apple iPhone: The Apple iPhone can be called the most wonderful phone of all time. The iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007. It was not intended to compete with anyone and was responsible for eliminating feature phones. This phone has a sleek metal and glass design. There is also a button in the phone. Instead of using styles in this phone, you can use your fingers to use the screen. This phone offers apps that have never been seen before. The iPhone paved the way for high-tech smartphones, and now smartphones are moving in that direction.

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