So far no law has been enacted to abuse celebrities: Yuvika Chaudhry

Yuvika Chaudhary, who has acted in films like ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘To Baat Paka’, is currently discussing her new film Shabana which will be released on OTT. Yuvika, who was a contestant in ‘Bigg Boss 9’, along with her husband Prince Narula have also won ‘Nach Bali 9’. Recently, she came into controversy when a Haryana court registered an FRI for making objectionable remarks against her. In this special meeting, she spoke openly about her film ‘Shabana’, husband Shahzada, marriage, motherhood, FRI and Aryan Khan.

What does Diwali mean to you?
For me, Diwali is a family holiday. I think our family keeps us strong and our festivals bind us together. Festivals like Diwali make us spiritual and at the same time keep us connected to our culture. I try to connect with my people through my festivals.

On the front lines of your work, are you and Prince (their actor husband Prince Narula) appearing together in a movie like ‘Shabana’?
I am doing the title role in the film. My character is very strong. I can’t reveal much about the story, but as the film progresses, you become more attached to my character. My appearance and character are very different from normal life. I’m waiting for it to be streamed on OTT. It was great to work on the set with Prince. Prince and I were very comfortable together on the seat. We used to tell each other where we were wrong. There was no quarrel between us. We had good tuning.

On Yuvika Chaudhary’s controversial statement, Rakhi bluntly said – we have no right, decide someone

Recently, on the occasion of Karwa IV, the prince fasted for you, usually wives fast, for the husband on this occasion?
I felt sorry for the prince. I said eat it or I will feel guilty. But the prince did not break his fast. Truth be told, Prince is my strength. I never want to be his weakness. We respect each other with all our heart. Appreciate each other. That’s what makes our relationship stronger.

In today’s world people are moving away from the institution of marriage, the divorce rate has also increased but your marriage is considered an ideal marriage.
I think in today’s world we have complicated marriage. It’s a simple thing. You give space to each other, you value it. It’s not okay if one of the two takes the marriage lightly, the relationship sinks right there. It is important to maintain the attractiveness of marriage. Marriage is not a mistake. You can’t have ten marriages and do it, then after a while it will look the same, then you should take care of your relationships. At the same time, I would like to say that everyone has different circumstances regarding marriage. Everyone has their own journey but I would also like to say that this institution has been running for centuries, so there must be some reason behind it. I find it very beautiful. I think everyone should watch the wedding once. But you have to be mentally prepared for that. Marriage is also a responsibility, you are ready to fulfill it, only then enter this field. It’s not just the girl’s responsibility. Both must be responsible.

Why the demand for arrest of Yuvika Chaudhry was raised, are celebrities really ‘bidding’?

What about motherhood?
Look, I never planned to get married to such and such a boy. But I got married. Everything is in God’s hands. I consider life to be its flow. When motherhood is written in my life, I will wholeheartedly welcome it. I don’t believe in planning before God. I believe, God’s plan is the greatest. I did not decide to get married or have children. It will happen when it has to happen.

You also had a bitter experience in the Haryana court recently? When was the FRI registered in your name on the objectionable remarks?
The truth is that I inadvertently said a word to myself and not to anyone else. But later I found out that this is objectionable for a community (SC / ST). This law has been made, in which you cannot say anything like that. When I found out, I apologized. But it is said that we have to pay the price for being famous. This is the law, then this is it. To date, no law has been enacted on when those who abuse celebrities can be prosecuted. Because you are a celebrity and even if you have not done something on purpose, you will still have to suffer the consequences. I repeatedly apologized for that word. Look, no one wants to go to court, but when I was called for an inquiry, I fully cooperated. I also see it as an experience. It will make me stronger. I was very surprised at first. As a celebrity, people abuse us a lot. Parents also drag the family. We remain silent but we are not forgiven if a word comes out of our mouth unintentionally. We artists are constantly being tested.

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From Shant Singh Rajput to the Aryan Khan case, the industry is constantly embroiled in controversy?
Those who did not make a mistake are also being crushed. It is unknown at this time what he did to cause the injuries. People start believing what they hear. Sometimes those things don’t even happen, their rumors become so much that people think, it’s true. If there is truth in something, it is necessary to go to the bottom of it and bring it before everyone. One’s life is ruined by speculation or rumors. Sometimes people who are not at fault are taken aback.

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