The secret of WhatsApp’s popularity is these 5 secret features, anyone who uses it will go crazy.

WhatsApp Features: WhatsApp is an app that has a lot of features and yet WhatsApp keeps bringing new features due to which its popularity among the users is not decreasing but increasing. WhatsApp features a lot of features, which are very useful in terms of user privacy, WhatsApp has many secret features, which very few users know about. Today we will give you information about such features of WhatsApp.

Option to mute conversations
Many times, when you are online in the middle of a meeting, a message immediately appears on the WhatsApp, which is a little annoying. In this case, if someone does not want to receive any message for a while, then the mute feature is used.

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This feature allows any WhatsApp group or any contact to be muted. To do this, long press on the window of any user or chat group and then a crossout speaker icon will appear at the top. When you click on it, the mute feature is activated.

WhatsApp missing message
WhatsApp is a chat messenger in which users usually communicate with each other. So there are many features in it but one such feature that very few people are aware of is the Disappearing Message feature.

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With this feature on, once a message is sent, the message is automatically deleted, users do not need to delete the message themselves. To start this feature the user has to go to their profile and turn on the Depeering Message feature. After the user sends the message, the message will be deleted automatically.

Message status:
Another very useful feature of WhatsApp is that users can know if a message has been read by another user. To find out, the user has to press the message for a long time. Then the 3 dot option will appear on the right side, click on it and tap on Info. This indicates whether the message has been read or not.

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WhatsApp last seen.Hide options
If a user wants to hide their last seen option on WhatsApp then go to settings and go to account. Then click on Privacy and go to Last Seen option. From here, you can hide the last view, so that no one knows when the last user on the WhatsApp was online.

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Turn off the WhatsApp Reading Receipts option.
WhatsApp has a feature where the sender of the message does not get information about the message status. This feature disables the user’s read receipt facility. To turn off the Read Receipt feature, first go to the WhatsApp settings and go to the account. Then go to Privacy and click Read Receipt. Doing so turns off the read receipts feature and users don’t even know if the message has been read or not.

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